The Tradition

Midwest Aircraft Detailers formed to solve a problem that has plagued aircraft owners, flight schools, and Fixed Based Operators for decades, an absence of cost effective, reliable, and consistent general aviation aircraft detailers.


Midwest Aircraft Detailers understands the enormous pressures that comes with maintaining your aircraft or fleet being aircraft owners ourselves we have to cope with the Rising cost of Aircraft maintainance alongside you.


 So we made a decision to create a custom solution for pilot's and owners that could meet any budget or scheduling need


“We put YOU in the pilot's seat.”

Our headquarters is located at Bult Field (C56) – Monee, Illinois.

Nose to Tail and Wingtip to Wingtip, Midwest Aircraft Detailers always has you covered.

We offer custom solutions to fit any need Such As

Dry Washing

Paint Correction & Restoration

Interior Preservation & Sanitation

Premium Sealants & Ceramics

Paint Touch-Ups

Mobile Detailing

Emergency Services

24/7/365 Scheduling

we are so confident in our services that we offer a 100% Money back - customer satisfaction guarantee.

We feel that the only way to do business is to do so honestly and transparently. We will gladly give you full access to our client roster so you can hear directly from them their thoughts on our completed projects.


Midwest Aircraft Detailers is a pilot and veteran owned business with three generations of general aviation aircraft experience so you can always rest assured that your aircraft is in trusted hands.

Midwest Aircraft Detailers
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Bult Field - C56

28261 South Kedzie Avenue

Hangar J-06

Monee, Illinois 60449


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