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Interior Preservation

There is no impression like the first impression...

Leather Reconditioning & Cleaning

Focused on bringing back the life of your aircraft’s leather, the hide is first thoughtfully cleaned before several passes are made with premium conditioners to breathe life into once faded seats, armrests, and headliners.


1974 Piper Navajo - Before Restoration


1974 Piper Navajo - After Restoration 

Light Interior Cleaning 

This service includes a general wipe down of the cabin, lavatory and the cockpit while leaving it looking and feeling as if it were your first flight of the day. This includes spot removal of soils on the headliner and sidewalls, wiping down all woodwork, a light cleaning/ wipe down of the leather seats, a thorough vacuuming, cleaning of all the interior windows  removing any trash finishing by using antimicrobial wipes to disinfect all contact surfaces.


1976 Beechcraft Sierra - Light Interior Cleaning 

Antimicrobial Cleaning

We offer a variety of different antimicrobial cleaning options. This includes a wipe-down service with an antimicrobial product that kills potentially harmful contaminants on contact.


There are also products and methods that we have been trained to use that can provide a protective barrier against potentially harmful contaminants. The longevity of protection depends on the type of product used, with options ranging from 90 up to 365 days. The barrier created by the products will remain effective in protecting against contaminants on all treated surfaces.


2016 Piper Malibu Matix - Diamond Interior Cleaning

Antimicrobial Programs

There are also a number of program options to ensure that your aircraft is protected against contaminants on a regular basis. This involves a customized schedule that can plan antimicrobial cleanings as often as necessary, all while monitoring cleanliness through our in-house germ testing program. These services will vary depending on your needs and can be made to fit your schedule.

Diamond Interior Package

Our Diamond Interior Package is the full treatment for your aircraft, working with FAA Certified A&P/IAs we remove the seats, carpets and sidewalls from the aircraft. We recondtion the seats, sidewalls, and headliners we continue by extacting and steam cleaning all interior surfaces, using OEM certifed cleaners to wipe down any glass panels, we then replace the interior and finish with an Antimircrobal Cleaning & Cermaic Protectant on All Interior Surfaces,

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