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Aircraft Solutions

Committed to Excellence

Our desire at Midwest Aircraft Detailers is simple we offer custom curated detailing services, that fit any budget while protecting your investments utilizing the leading products and equipment on the market today to insure that your aircraft is always protected no matter what the environment.

Let's take a walk through our process, so you can see first hand how we work to protect your aircraft.

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What set's us apart

How We Insure Your Aircraft Is Protected


3-Step Dry Wash & Hand Polish

Using patened aerospace safe products, we will clean your aircraft using our 3- Step Dry Washing System; we begin by

degreasing the aircraft to remove any carbon, oil and grease build up

we then clay bar the exterior of the airframe to rid the paint of any deep set debris within the surface of the paint, finishing by sealing the paint to protect the finish then hand polishing to a


"Don't touch that paint , it's still wet!" finish.

Paint Correction & Preservation

Avoid costly repainting, through paint preservation and correction, using only aircraft safe products, we can extend the lifetime of your aircrafts paint by removing oxidation and imperfections in the finish of the aircraft paint.

 Starting with dry washing the aircraft using our 3 Step System, Machine Buffing to remove oxidation, swirls and scratches and other imperfections in the finish correcting the finish. 


We then seal the paint with either an aerospace certified ceramic coating or a nano ceramic glaze.


Interior Preservation

Give your aircraft the full treatment, with a top to bottom interior cleaning we provide all of the following services 

leather conditioning & Cleaning

custom Leather & vynil dye solutions

 carpet extraction

anti-microbial Disinfection


 Sanitazation programs 

To Ensure Your Aircraft Looks It's Best while Protecting You & Your Passangers

Paint & Finish Touchups

We work with exprienced custom painters who specialize in aircraft finishing and touch-ups send us a message for more information.

Image by Weston MacKinnon
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