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The M.A.D. Process

If the timeless axiom rings true – 'A business is no better than its processes' –

here's a sneak peek into ours!

The Dry Wash

In response to the growing concerns over water contamination stemming from runoff, the aviation industry has undergone a notable shift. Many within the industry have transitioned from traditional wet washing to a more environmentally friendly chemical dry wash method. At Midwest Aircraft Detailers, we have embraced dry washing as our standard exterior cleaning approach.


Despite the name, aircraft dry washing doesn't stay entirely dry. It involves the application of OEM-approved chemicals using spray bottles and microfiber towels. These specially formulated chemicals effectively remove bugs, carbon deposits, and oil, leaving behind a surface free from the contaminants often associated with water-based washing methods, such as those in wash pits.


One of the most advantageous aspects of dry washing is its mobility. It can be conducted almost anywhere, eliminating the need to transport your aircraft to a wash pit. This means your aircraft can be washed right in your hangar at home or conveniently on the FBO's ramp while you're on the move.


In essence, this shift in methodology means that the quality of aircraft cleaning is no longer restricted to specific airport locations, providing you with greater flexibility and convenience.


Falcon 2000 Classic - Before Service


Falcon 2000 Classic - After Service


Engineered to eliminate scratches, pitting, and hazing from the metal surfaces of your aircraft, this meticulous, multi-stage process not only erases these imperfections but also imparts a profound, mirror-like luster to your metal.


This comprehensive procedure unfolds in several carefully orchestrated stages, commencing with a meticulous assessment of your aircraft's condition. Every metal surface, from spinner heads and engine inlets to the vertical stabilizer and wing surfaces, undergoes a thorough inspection.


Once the assessment is complete, we take measures to safeguard your aircraft from airborne debris. Windows, and static ports, are meticulously covered with protective plastic sheeting and tarps.


With the aircraft fully prepared, we employ high-speed buffers and a range of polishing compounds to effectively eradicate accumulated corrosion and oxidation that may have infiltrated the aluminum surface of the aircraft.


This method is systematically repeated three to five times, as dictated by the specific condition. The result is a finish free from every water spot, scratch, and pit, ensuring a pristine, mirror-like appearance that's nothing short of flawless.

Ceramic & Polymer

The detailing industry is abuzz with the remarkable advancements in Ceramic Coatings, and at Midwest Aircraft Detailers, we proudly harness the industry's finest ceramic products. This service stands as the ultimate safeguard for your aircraft's precious paint finish.


A nano-crystalline coating, a mere 2-3 microns thick, fortified with an ultra-hard (9H) durability that results in an unrivaled, deep, and rich gloss. This Ceramic Coating isn't just about aesthetics; it significantly extends the life of your paint, reduces drag, and translates into reduced fuel costs.

But that's not all.


It acts as a formidable shield against debris accumulation and wards off the relentless assault of harsh UV rays. The best part? There's no need for additional paint protection.


In the aviation realm, where paint finishes endure extreme conditions, from abrasive cleaning agents to hydraulic fluids and various contaminants, Ceramic Coating and Polymer Sealants are nothing short of game-changers. They effectively seal the paint surface, thwarting the intrusion of these threats.


In today's demanding commercial landscape, whether you own a single aircraft or manage a fleet, cost reduction and operational efficiency are paramount. This is where Midwest Aircraft Detailers distinguishes itself and surpasses its competition. Our commitment is to deliver unmatched quality and value in every aspect of aircraft care.

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