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The M.A.D. Process

if The old saying is true "a business is only as good as it's processes." 


heres a glimpse at ours!

The Dry Wash

Thanks to increasing concerns about water contamination due to water runoff, much of the aviation industry has moved towards using a chemical dry wash in place of wet (or water) washing. As such, Midwest Aircraft Detailers offers dry washing as our standard exterior wash.


Although not dry at all, aircraft dry washing is accomplished by utilizing OEM approved chemicals applied via spay bottles and microfiber towels. Specially designed, these chemicals ensure a bug-, carbon-, and oil-free surface without leaving contaminants most water sources (wash pits) are known for.


The best part may actually be the fact that a dry wash can be accomplished nearly anywhere, thus removing the requirement that your aircraft be towed to a wash pit. This means your wash can be accomplished in the hangar at home or even right on the FBO’s ramp while on the road.


In the end, a quality wash is no longer limited to certain airports and at the convenience of others.

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Image by Mark Asthoff
Image by William

The Brightwork! 

Designed to remove scratches, pitting, and hazing from your aircraft metal surfaces, this multistage process removes these imperfections and will leave your metal with a deep, mirror-like shine.


Done in several steps, the entire process begins by determining your aircraft’s condition and includes an inspection of ALL metal surfaces including spinner heads, engine inlets, vertical stabilizer, and wing surfaces.


Following the inspection, your aircraft is protected from flying debris by covering over windows, static wicks and ports with plastic sheeting and tarps.


As soon as the aircraft is prepped, high-speed buffers and various grades of polishing compounds are used to remove built up corrosion and oxidation that have made their way into the aluminum surface of the aircraft.


This is Repeated three to five times (as determined by condition), every water spot, scratch, and pit is removed leaving behind a flawless, mirror-like finish.

Ceramic & Premium Coatings

The detailing industry is buzzing about Ceramic Coatings. Midwest Aircraft Detailers utilizes the leading ceramic products on the market! This service is the ultimate protection for your aircrafts paint finish.


This is a nano crystalline coating of 2-3 microns thick with an ultra-hard (9H) durable coating that will leave a rich deep gloss that is unrivaled. Ceramic Coating will prolong the lifetime of the paint, while decreasing drag and lowering fuel costs.


It reduces debris build up, and protects against the harsh UV rays No additional paint protection is needed!


In the aviation industry, paint finishes are exposed to extreme environments, abrasive cleaning chemicals, hydraulic fluids, and many other contaminants. 


That is why Ceramic Coating & Premium Sealants are so impressive, because they seal the paint surface preventing those contaminants from penetrating the finish.

In today’s tough commercial environment, whether you own one aircraft or a fleet of aircraft, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency is critical.


This is where Midwest Aircraft Detailers excels and outperforms its competition.

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