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How We Save You time and Money!
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1969 North American Navion Rangemaster - Before Paint Restoration 

1969 North American Navion Rangemaster- After Paint Restoration & Cermaic Coating

Imagine being able to take your dull, worn paint job and bring back the shine and luster it once had!  


Painting is extremely expensive, not to mention the added inconveniences of aircraft downtime all at your expense. You are at the mercy of the painter’s schedule and without an aircraft for an undeclared amount of time.

This is where Midwest Aircraft Detailers can save you thousands!


Midwest aircraft detailers is excited to offer our unique paint restoration process. that will restore your tired paint finish to a smooth deep gloss leaving it with a "Don't touch that paint it's still wet finish."


 Our technique is unlike anything on the market today. The M.A.D. paint restoration process will improve the quality and longevity of the existing paint.


This is a process we developed through countless hours of research, detailing as well as working alongside our exclusive brand partners to curate a custom solution that works on almost any airframe! we are proud to bring This New System into the general aviation market.

Our specialized crews can come to you – so there is no added hassle or expense trying to get your aircraft to our facility.

Compared to weeks of downtime needed when re-painting and aircraft. Midwest Aircraft detailers only needs a few days and some hard work to make your existing paint look new again!  


Sound too good to be true?  Our returning customers over the years will happily attest to the benefits and cost savings of this process, so don’t take our word for it!  You can see the testimonials for yourself just click below!

Contact us today for your no cost or obligation quote.


 If what they say is true – ”that time is money.” – don’t waste another minute!  Let us work to insure your aircraft is protected and back in the air looking it's best.


We have built our business around serving the aviation industry and “We put You In the pilot’s seat” with three generations of aviation experience you can rest assured that your aircraft is always in good hands. 


We utilize the leading products and equipment on the market today alongside skilled craftsmanship to ensure your aircraft always looks it’s best.


we stand by every project we complete and offer a

100% Money back - customer satisfaction guarantee.

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