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Full Exterior Detail

Top to Bottom, Full Exterior Detail

  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Based on Aircraft
  • South Kedzie Avenue

Service Description

Our process begins with a comprehensive cleaning both inside and out, ensuring optimal visibility for every journey. Debris is expertly removed from the nosecone area and engine inlets, while leading edges of wings are meticulously debugged. The brake area receives special attention to eliminate dust, and steps are thoroughly swept for a polished boarding experience. The belly undergoes a degreasing process, and the underneath of flaps is meticulously wiped down. Security seal residue and dirt are promptly removed, and the APU exhaust area is washed to perfection. The entire aircraft exterior, including gear areas, benefits from a thorough cleaning, ensuring a spotless and pristine presentation. Even crew service access doors, including the interior of the APU Bay Door, receive meticulous attention, leaving no detail untouched in our quest for detailing excellence.

Contact Details

  • 28261 South Kedzie Avenue, Monee, IL, USA


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